Friday, April 23, 2010

IF: Detective

This is my illustration for IF: Detective. I chose to illustrate sunglasses because a friend and I were talking about the hilariously horrible lines that Horatio from CSI Miami uses as he takes off his glasses in each episode. I know his title is not actually a Detective but he does do detective work solving murders each episode.

IF: Linked

This is my IF for Linked. I decided to do a sketch of my watch because i had actually just fixed a link on it so it is useable again!

Rick's Blog

These are the images that i created for Rick Court's Blog

The first image i created is a combination of all of Rick's hobbies. Combining a book for reading, a golf ball on a tee for golfing, and a map for traveling

The second image is a tie made out of money representing that he gave up money to wear a tie to work.

The third image that i created is representing riding a bike 22 blocks which i represented with a 22 dash arrow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IF: Dip

I created a vector illustration, in illustrator CS4, this week for Dip. I went for the approach of a carrot taking a dip in dip. I know it is cheesy but I do like the water wings!

IF: Rescue

Here is my IF for rescue. Now I am going to have to explain this one. The reason that I have chose to do a ice cream cone is because after a long day of skateboarding a milkshake or an ice cream is a staple to cool down for myself and the friends I skate with. My friends and I more often than not stop by Sammy's on Wilson st. in Ancaster after a longboard or skate sesh (they will even put a banana in the milkshake if we bring one). I find that it rescues my friends and I on the hottest of days and allows us enough energy to continue on skateboarding! The sugar high can't hurt either!

IF: Expired

This here is my IF for Expired. It is a vector based image done completely in adobe Illustrator CS4. I like the way that the shading turned out, and the teeth took me quite a while but i think that they turned out pretty good. I feel that scull and crossbones depict expired quite well and also give quite a pirate feel which i am quite a fan of! Just think of a ghost pirate ship!

IF: Subterranean

This little guy is just about to come outside after a week of hard digging to enjoy the rain. This is the character that I came up with for my IF: Subterranean I sketched the original with pencil on a sketch pad then scanned it in and coloured it in photoshop.