Friday, April 23, 2010

IF: Detective

This is my illustration for IF: Detective. I chose to illustrate sunglasses because a friend and I were talking about the hilariously horrible lines that Horatio from CSI Miami uses as he takes off his glasses in each episode. I know his title is not actually a Detective but he does do detective work solving murders each episode.

IF: Linked

This is my IF for Linked. I decided to do a sketch of my watch because i had actually just fixed a link on it so it is useable again!

Rick's Blog

These are the images that i created for Rick Court's Blog

The first image i created is a combination of all of Rick's hobbies. Combining a book for reading, a golf ball on a tee for golfing, and a map for traveling

The second image is a tie made out of money representing that he gave up money to wear a tie to work.

The third image that i created is representing riding a bike 22 blocks which i represented with a 22 dash arrow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IF: Dip

I created a vector illustration, in illustrator CS4, this week for Dip. I went for the approach of a carrot taking a dip in dip. I know it is cheesy but I do like the water wings!

IF: Rescue

Here is my IF for rescue. Now I am going to have to explain this one. The reason that I have chose to do a ice cream cone is because after a long day of skateboarding a milkshake or an ice cream is a staple to cool down for myself and the friends I skate with. My friends and I more often than not stop by Sammy's on Wilson st. in Ancaster after a longboard or skate sesh (they will even put a banana in the milkshake if we bring one). I find that it rescues my friends and I on the hottest of days and allows us enough energy to continue on skateboarding! The sugar high can't hurt either!

IF: Expired

This here is my IF for Expired. It is a vector based image done completely in adobe Illustrator CS4. I like the way that the shading turned out, and the teeth took me quite a while but i think that they turned out pretty good. I feel that scull and crossbones depict expired quite well and also give quite a pirate feel which i am quite a fan of! Just think of a ghost pirate ship!

IF: Subterranean

This little guy is just about to come outside after a week of hard digging to enjoy the rain. This is the character that I came up with for my IF: Subterranean I sketched the original with pencil on a sketch pad then scanned it in and coloured it in photoshop.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Promotional Postcard

I chose to take a piece of artwork that i did in class last semester to be used as my promotional postcard piece. I just had a lot of fun creating this piece of work. I feel that it the reason that it is a good choice to promote me with.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ride for Cancer Research

Hey everyone!

This is the illustration that i came up with for the postcard art request of Tom Wolfe. Tom's campaign is to ride with Lance Armstrong in kitchener on Aug 28th for cancer research. As Tom and many others have said, "cancer has affected us all" so for my illustration i went for an approach of loved ones who have passed cheering on a bike rider. It is a pretty literal approach to the assignment but I when brainstorming it was the idea I though would work best. I have supplied two versions of the piece one with a lens flare and one without. I am leaning toward the one with the flare but i was wondering what others think. so if you have a second let me know! I started the piece in Corel Painter and went for a somewhat coloured storyboard look then finished off the rest in Photoshop.

Thanks for checking it out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo and No Photo Reference

Here are my 3 photo reference storyboards
This first one is a shot of the aquatic center
This storyboard is of the diver climbing his ladder
This storyboard is of the diver preparing to pour cereal in his hand
These here are 3 of my storyboard frames done with no photo reference.

the is a shot of the whole aquatic center with no photo reference.
This is the shot of the diver climbing the divingboard from with no photo reference.
this is a shot of the diver pouring some cereal in his hand sketched with not phot reference but looking down at myself.

Rough Storyboards

These are the rough storyboard sketches for my made up trinkets cereal commercial. being that my cereal theme is pirates i came up with diving as a theme. The reason i feel that this relates is walking the plank. I decide to make the comercial for a nervous diver and the trinkets work as a somewhat safety blanket for him, helping him loose his nerves. The idea is similar to the statement imagine the crowd in their underwear, but in this he imagens the crowd to be pirates. take a look!

IF: Brave

Another catch up post. This post is for the IF brave. I was chatting online with my friend who is overseas in Afganistan right now when I got the idea for this IF. I decide to illustrate an example of the purple heart medal. Although my friend is canadian and the purple heart is awarded for US soldiers I thought it would be a recognizable medal to illustrate. It is awarded by the president of the United States to injured or fallen soldiers.

IF: Perspective

Next on the catch up list is the IF for perspective. I always found it fascinating when I was a kid to watch ants carry off big chunks of cookies and what not. I decided to put it into perspective to what we would be able to carry if the physics worked the same for us. I think it turned out pretty interesting let me know what you guys think!

IF: Propagate

Okay time for catch up post # 2. This is the IF for propagate from a few weeks back. I decide to go with a baby dino. To tell you the truth I dont really know why I decided to do this it kinda was just the first idea that poped in my head, and i went with it. I decided to have him rocking the bottom half of the shell as a diaper!

IF: Adrift

Alright it is catch up on the blog time. I was away at the olympics and had a little issue with a hard drive crashing so I am a bit behind on my posts. I will start off with posting the IF for adrift from a few weeks back. I originally was going to do a message in a bottle. I started creating the bottle and decided that I would find it a bit more interesting if it was a ship in a bottle floating out on the ocean. I did the entire piece in corel painter 11.
Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

IF: Mud Pie Master

For this weeks IF the topic was "Muddy" I decided to combine 2 things muddy to complete my sketch. First i took what i think of as one of the muddiest animals, a pig. I then was trying to figure out how i wanted to illustrate this character. That is when i came up with the idea to create a pig as a mud pie master. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walk the Plank ad

This is an ad I created for the fictitious cereal brand trinkets. I made this to be a full page magazine ad in a swimming magazine. The idea behind this ad is that trinkets can be an enjoyable snack for more than just children. I decided that a swimming magazine had the potential to have similarities to the pirate theme of the trinkets cereal. I used the comparison of diving with pirates walking the plank and came up with this.

The sketch above was my original concept done in Photoshop

This is the composite that I then came up with. I have placed in and distorted the scan of my trinkets cereal box marker composite. The rest with the exception of the kellogs vector was coloured and done in photoshop.

The above image was the final I completed for the project. Also all done in photoshop.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

IF "Focused"

This week for Illustration Friday I decided on a pen and pencil rendering of Brian Westbrook running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Super Bowl coming up, and being a football fan, football is on my mind. Although my Philadelphia Eagles are not playing they are still my favorite team. I decided to Illustrate Brian Westbrook a powerful running back although the last two years has been unlucky with injuries. The focus and determination of every player on a team is important especially the quarterback, but i feel that the focus and determination of a running back is also a very important part to be a successful team. Especially when needing someone to get you a first down on 3rd and short. The reason I feel this relates to the IF "Focused" is mainly because of the focus any athlete in any sport needs. I feel that a running back is not only always looking for a hole in the defense to run through but also focusing on not loosing the ball. I feel that my illustration demonstrates the focus through the direction of the legs in comparison to the direction of the upper body. A running back is always focused on the next move he should be making even before he has planted his last step.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

IF "Wilderness"

This is the first time that i have participated in Illustration Friday. The topic for the week was "Wilderness". Unfortunately we did this as an assignment for class and I did not have it done in time to link to IF, but is it a good warm up for the next topic. I took the approach of creating a character that I have named Sargent Mushroom. The way that i came up with this character is from seeing mushroom patches. Whenever I am going on a hike or sitting in my backyard reading I find that there is never just one mushroom but what seems to be a whole army of mushrooms.

The following is the first sketch that I created.
After I did this sketch I then decided to scan the image and use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to then colour in the image. The following is the sketch after I coloured it in.

I have now been inspired to continue on with this theme and make a few more Mushroom Army characters.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Post of the new blog!

This is the first post on my new portfolio blog. The piece of work that i am demonstrating is a poster made in Corel Draw for a Corel assignment at Mohawk College. I will be posting many pieces of art in many different forms in the near future.