Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ride for Cancer Research

Hey everyone!

This is the illustration that i came up with for the postcard art request of Tom Wolfe. Tom's campaign is to ride with Lance Armstrong in kitchener on Aug 28th for cancer research. As Tom and many others have said, "cancer has affected us all" so for my illustration i went for an approach of loved ones who have passed cheering on a bike rider. It is a pretty literal approach to the assignment but I when brainstorming it was the idea I though would work best. I have supplied two versions of the piece one with a lens flare and one without. I am leaning toward the one with the flare but i was wondering what others think. so if you have a second let me know! I started the piece in Corel Painter and went for a somewhat coloured storyboard look then finished off the rest in Photoshop.

Thanks for checking it out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo and No Photo Reference

Here are my 3 photo reference storyboards
This first one is a shot of the aquatic center
This storyboard is of the diver climbing his ladder
This storyboard is of the diver preparing to pour cereal in his hand
These here are 3 of my storyboard frames done with no photo reference.

the is a shot of the whole aquatic center with no photo reference.
This is the shot of the diver climbing the divingboard from with no photo reference.
this is a shot of the diver pouring some cereal in his hand sketched with not phot reference but looking down at myself.

Rough Storyboards

These are the rough storyboard sketches for my made up trinkets cereal commercial. being that my cereal theme is pirates i came up with diving as a theme. The reason i feel that this relates is walking the plank. I decide to make the comercial for a nervous diver and the trinkets work as a somewhat safety blanket for him, helping him loose his nerves. The idea is similar to the statement imagine the crowd in their underwear, but in this he imagens the crowd to be pirates. take a look!

IF: Brave

Another catch up post. This post is for the IF brave. I was chatting online with my friend who is overseas in Afganistan right now when I got the idea for this IF. I decide to illustrate an example of the purple heart medal. Although my friend is canadian and the purple heart is awarded for US soldiers I thought it would be a recognizable medal to illustrate. It is awarded by the president of the United States to injured or fallen soldiers.

IF: Perspective

Next on the catch up list is the IF for perspective. I always found it fascinating when I was a kid to watch ants carry off big chunks of cookies and what not. I decided to put it into perspective to what we would be able to carry if the physics worked the same for us. I think it turned out pretty interesting let me know what you guys think!

IF: Propagate

Okay time for catch up post # 2. This is the IF for propagate from a few weeks back. I decide to go with a baby dino. To tell you the truth I dont really know why I decided to do this it kinda was just the first idea that poped in my head, and i went with it. I decided to have him rocking the bottom half of the shell as a diaper!

IF: Adrift

Alright it is catch up on the blog time. I was away at the olympics and had a little issue with a hard drive crashing so I am a bit behind on my posts. I will start off with posting the IF for adrift from a few weeks back. I originally was going to do a message in a bottle. I started creating the bottle and decided that I would find it a bit more interesting if it was a ship in a bottle floating out on the ocean. I did the entire piece in corel painter 11.
Let me know what you think!