Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walk the Plank ad

This is an ad I created for the fictitious cereal brand trinkets. I made this to be a full page magazine ad in a swimming magazine. The idea behind this ad is that trinkets can be an enjoyable snack for more than just children. I decided that a swimming magazine had the potential to have similarities to the pirate theme of the trinkets cereal. I used the comparison of diving with pirates walking the plank and came up with this.

The sketch above was my original concept done in Photoshop

This is the composite that I then came up with. I have placed in and distorted the scan of my trinkets cereal box marker composite. The rest with the exception of the kellogs vector was coloured and done in photoshop.

The above image was the final I completed for the project. Also all done in photoshop.

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  1. The perspective in this is wicked, you pulled it off really well!