Thursday, February 4, 2010

IF "Focused"

This week for Illustration Friday I decided on a pen and pencil rendering of Brian Westbrook running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Super Bowl coming up, and being a football fan, football is on my mind. Although my Philadelphia Eagles are not playing they are still my favorite team. I decided to Illustrate Brian Westbrook a powerful running back although the last two years has been unlucky with injuries. The focus and determination of every player on a team is important especially the quarterback, but i feel that the focus and determination of a running back is also a very important part to be a successful team. Especially when needing someone to get you a first down on 3rd and short. The reason I feel this relates to the IF "Focused" is mainly because of the focus any athlete in any sport needs. I feel that a running back is not only always looking for a hole in the defense to run through but also focusing on not loosing the ball. I feel that my illustration demonstrates the focus through the direction of the legs in comparison to the direction of the upper body. A running back is always focused on the next move he should be making even before he has planted his last step.

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